Almost every home in Israel contains Draco equipment

IAD - Internet Acces Devices

Our complete set of modems & gateways is designed for any market and network, including cable, xDSL, Fiber, and 4G LTE.

Together with our partners, Draco consistently supplies top of the line equipment that meets or exceeds our customer's expectations.

Internet Acces Devices

Draco has decades of experience in supplying STBs to market leaders. Our products include customizable solutions that meet the strictest DRM and scrambling requirements on the market today and can be implemented via Smart Cards, Tokens, or DRM software.

Additionally Draco supplies Android Hybrid STBs, and other customizable solutions for the IPTV and OTT market.

STB - Set Top Boxes

Set Top Box
Network Adaptors

Draco offers a variety of network adaptor solutions for connecting the devices in your home. Options include: MoCA, G.Hn, PLC, HPNA, Wifi Extenders, Video Bridges and many others. Our solutions will allow you to connect your devices seamlessly within your home.

Network Adaptors
Remote Controls
Remote Controls

Draco was the first to  introduce and bring the following innovative Remote Controls to the Israeli market:


  • Universal Remote Control

  • Full Keyboard Remote Control

  • RF Remote Control with Cap-Sense

smart home
Smart Home

As part of technology’s progression Draco offers a wide range of smart home solutions. From standalone products that constitute a unique solution to a comprehensive solution that is managed by a dedicated system - Draco is proud to lead this field in Israel.


In order to provide the most comprehensive, state of the art solutions, Draco collaborates with cutting edge companies across the world.