Election Video Evidence Management System 

End to end system for election integrity

The system


EVEMS system is designed and developed to protect election integrity in any country.  This is a closed, secured system, that orchestrates the full process of taking videos, downloading the content, digital signature and encryption of the files and backup. 

The system create video catalogs which is unique per polling station. 

All system files are admissible evidence in court. 

Our advanced storage system, stores the recordings in a secure and highly efficient way, providing the operators the ease of use to index and search each one of the recordings by just typing a phrase said on the recording or by the polling station unique number.

The storage can be backed up  for more than 20 years , its very compact and will fit even in a small room. 

Main features: 


The system is capable of using advanced NLP to detect what was said on the recordings and implement subtitles with the transcript.

Advanced Indexing

The system allows the operator to search for a specific phrase said in a recording and find that recording in a matter of seconds 

Face recognition

The system can auto-detect the faces of an unwanted person at the polling station and alert the guards immediately so they can deal with it effectively.

Automatic Recording

Automatic recording when human shouting is detected (above 80-90 decibels)

Secured Connectivity

Advanced PTT over Cellular support, which provides a secure and instant method of communication between the inspector and the operators / dispatchers

Smart Alerts

Identify crowd gathering around the ballot box or shouting and automatically alert the security and start recording 

Advanced Counting 

The system can count precisely the amount of people who entered the polling station to vote , thus providing a way to effectively and instantly know if there were "duplicate votes" or other kind of infringement


Robust & comprehensive solution

The cameras are robust and ruggedized , IP6x water and dust resistant and drop resistant from 2m hight, while providing 24 hour continuous recording day or night

Highly secured

The system is highly secured- 

All the data is encrypted and downloaded in a secure way with hash function and digital signature. 

The data is downloaded into on premises servers or cloud- based on customer's request. 

Closed system, fully automated process

Closed system without human intervention in order to prevent tampering, to promise election integrity. 

The data is encrypted, only an authorized person can access the video. evidence cannot be changed. 

End to end solution 

Full suite for governments that includes a secured software management system and end users devices for elections supervisors- all in one place. 


The most

advanced body worn camera 

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  • Full HD quality

  • Easy to use and carry, light weight (160gr), supports low light conditions

  • Supports 24 hours of continous recording.

  • 2 dedicated buttons- one for power on/ off, and one for start/ stop recording. ​

  • Multiple connectivity solution (WiFi, 4G, GPS and Bluetooth)

The most advanced worn camera, and yet, the simplest. 




 election day 

The cameras are resistant to damage, water and falling from  height.


Content Download  

The video content is downloaded into a centralized content management system. The content can be downloaded into an on premises servers or uploaded to the cloud.


Catalog creation  

All content is categorized in the system according to unique polling station ID.



The system creates a backup of all the filmed content


Digital Evidence Preparation 

We have developed an advanced and easy way to use an application that prepares the recordings for sending to the court with just the click of a button, thus proving and validating  the authenticity of the recording

End to end process



The rise in power of the social media gave a lot of power and freedom to people around the world.

But with that many uprising like the Arab spring and the tense situation in Ukraine made possible, democracies around the world are facing  difficult times in the era of "fake news" and "deep fake".
When Donald Trump encouraged his voters to storm Capitol Hill over false allegations of infringement on the latest US elections , the world was stunned and shocked to see how fragile the world's biggest democracy could be.

That is exactly why we developed a unique end to end system which provides a robust, secure and advanced solution to keep the elections integrity for the safety of democracy. 

Our success stories

Israeli elections- 2021

Israel is facing its 4th election campaign in just 2 years, 


That’s is why the Israeli elections committee wanted to secure in any way possible the integrity of the upcoming election campaign.

Hence  they purchased the EVEMS solution by Draco 


And for the first time in Israel’s history, every polling station nationwide  will be monitored by the EVEMS system to keep the integrity of the elections for the 24th Knesset (Israeli parliament) members.